Red Island Tour

Red Island beach located at the foot of Mount Tumpang Pitu. It’s a beach resort located in Banyuwangi southern tip and have a unique form of a small mountain in the middle of the coast. This place get its name from the red color of its soil. In the south part of the island we can enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening. About 50 meters in west of the port, there‚Äôs a big total-fresh fish auction.

Red Island Beach is located about 60 kilometers from the city to the south of Banyuwangi. To reach these attractions will takes two and a half hours. Also damaged paved roads will make the trip become a test for your patience.

Green belt (green belt0) which encircle along the coast, become a great barrier for a safer area for the Tsunami disaster that ever occurred here, in 1993. But the enormity of the disaster was almost obliterate the beauty of the island. But now Red Island rebounded with its trademark: the red soil. Remarkably, the place is clean of trash and you can find some colorful shells.

Not enough to enjoy the beauty of the red beach, visitors might enjoy watching a professional surfer who tried to conquer the waves of the Red Island. With its 4-5 meters high wave, it makes Red Island frequently visited by tourists from France, Germany, and Australia.